Marketing Services

XSEED offers marketing services for a wide variety of consumer goods. 

From planning to execution, XSEED handles every step involved in introducing products to the market.  We have the technical know-how, the tools, and the talent to meet your needs.  Our fully bilingual staff, with knowledge and experience in both US and Japanese corporate culture, can provide services in either English or Japanese.

Our services include, but are not limited to the following:


From early stages of product development to finished products, XSEED can tailor product / industry specific research to identify information to refine development and/or to collect data for creation of a strategic marketing plan.  Both quantitative and qualitative research projects can be customized for target identification, communication / creative concepts recommendations, sales forecasting, etc. 


From communication concept to creative concepts, XSEED develops efficient and effective marketing plans based on quantitative data as well as current trends and new ideas.

  • Target market identification – the results of all research and analysis will be used to hone in on the target consumer
  • Product positioning – the best positioning for the product within the mindset of the consumer will be determined
  • Communication concept and strategy – the total package that would articulate a specific and consistent set of core messages and themes


Through our partnerships with various marketing resources, XSEED manages the entire creative process including:

  • Package designs
  • Print collateral design (print ads, in-store POP, sell sheets)
  • Video editing (TV spots, trailers, informational videos)
  • Translation and layout of the instruction manuals
  • Web sites


We are capable of managing entire media plans including national TV to online campaigns, with effectiveness and cost efficiency always in mind.  


Getting the word out. 

Communication with the media will be an ongoing effort throughout the entire marketing process, culminating with events and promotions when appropriate.  We plant the seeds before launch, wave the flag on rollout, and keep the heat on long after the initial flurry of publicity is over.

  • Strategy and brand positioning
  • Media kits
  • Media relations
  • Product launch events and promotions
  • Trade show support
  • Media tours
  • Crisis Management