Videogame Publishing Services

Our team consists of members who spent more than eight years at video game developer and publisher Square Enix (formerly Squaresoft), launching over 30 titles across the PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PC platforms.  Experienced in all aspects of launching products in the US market, our bilingual-bicultural approach of understanding the needs of Japanese companies as well as US consumers have proven to be very successful in communication, planning and execution of marketing plans. 

For our Videogame Publishing business, we will handle everything necessary to ensure success in the US market.  Our services include, but are not limited to the following:


The video game market has become increasingly complex and competitive over the last several years. It is important that we discuss and prioritize objectives and goals before taking any action.  From communication concept to creative concepts, XSEED develops efficient and effective marketing plans based on qualitative and quantitative data as well as current trends and new ideas.

  • Research and analysis - identify key trends, focus group testing and other analysis tools will be used to gather necessary data
  • Target market identification – the results of all research and analysis will be used to hone in on the target consumer
  • Product positioning – the best positioning for the product within the mindset of the consumer will be determined
  • Communication concept and strategy – the total package that would articulate a specific and consistent set of core messages and themes
  • Forecasting – create as detailed and accurate of a sales forecast as possible by using our own unique forecasting technique


Our goal is to help our client’s business grow.  By studying competitors and trends, inquiring what’s hot and not at the retail level, we will maximize sales while minimizing the risk to our retail partners.  We go into the positive sales environment with confidence, fully prepared with knowledge of the product. Developing an approach that best suits your needs while being profit conscious and value driven is our specialty.


Today’s games are a form of mass market entertainment - the convergence of video games with other entertainment media/properties has created many opportunities for games to shine in the media.  Communication with the media will be an ongoing effort throughout the entire marketing process, culminating with events, trade shows and promotions when appropriate.  Our good relationships with key industry media will maximize exposure of your products.


In order to make a product truly international, it is imperative that it appears and functions as a native product, while keeping true to the original creation.  Bridging the gap between cultures is key to a globally successful game.  We can assist the localization process from start to finish including translation, editing and voice over talent casting/recording.


A product is not in its final form without quality assurance --- it is necessary to examine the product at various stages throughout the development cycle to ensure both linguistic and technical integrity.